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FATE is the leading Argentinian company in tire manufacturing and export. It is part of an important Argentine business group together with Aluar, the only primary aluminum producer in the country and the main manufacturing company of this metal.

The FATE tire industrial plant is the largest and most modern in Argentina, with a production capacity that exceeds five million tires per year.


Quantitative analysis
Quantitative analysis

Need to quantitatively analyze different policies, investments and change requirements.


Modeling of highly complex system due to the many processes required to manufacture a tire and the nature of such processes.

The model  includes


Multiparadigm simulation
Multiparadigm simulation

Discrete Event and Agent Based Modeling

Control variables
Control variables
  • Work schedules
  • Bill of materials
  • Staffing and task assignment
  • scraps
  • Productivity by product-machine
  • Efficiencies and random stops parameters
  • Storage areas
  • Tool availability
  • Machine setups
  • Movement equipment and vehicle availability
  • Initial stock
  • Conveyor parameters
Statistical analysis
Statistical analysis

to analyze stochastic behaviors, such as process interruptions, quality problems, performance problems, etc.

3D animation
3D animation

of the whole factory sector to facilitate the model interpretation and to study the dynamisms of its behaviors.


Standalone simulator that allows its execution by inputting data from the client’s systems, and the generation of KPIs and reports for its analysis.

System  status indicators

State of each machine

Conveyor state

Active staff

Storage areas state

Movement staff position and task

Movement equipment and vehicles state